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Unsure what to take to University? We’ve got you covered!

You’ve been accepted into university, chosen your subjects and checked into your accommodation…now your first day of university is quickly approaching – but what exactly should you take with you? To help you decide what goes in your bag, we’ve created this ultimate guide to packing for university…

Copy of your timetable

One of the most important things you’ll need is a copy of your timetable, so you know where your classes and lectures are. This could be a print out or an online version. If you do decide to use a print out, just make sure you check the online version in the morning or your university email, in case there have been any changes to your schedule.

Public transport card

Since our buildings are all so close to several university campuses, walking or public transport is your best option in terms of travelling methods.
If you’re in Sydney, you can jump on any form of public transport using either a credit card, debit card, or an Opal card. Melbourne students will need to get a Myki card, Brisbane residents will need to get a go card, and those in Adelaide will need to get a metroCARD.

Urbanest convenient locations for students near to universities and transport - Melbourne


Before the semester begins, take some time to get copies of required textbooks and recommended readings. If you want to save money and don’t mind using second hand textbooks, you’ll often find students from previous years’ selling theirs on noticeboards, or you can head to your universities second hand bookstore.

Laptop (plus charger)

These days you’ll find plenty of students at Australian universities bring their laptops with them to tutorials and lectures. That way you’ll have easy access to course material and can take notes. Quick tip: If you have a particularly long day at university, make sure you take your charger with you. You’ll likely find plenty of the rooms have power outlets in them.


From architecture to marketing courses, at some stage during the semester you’re likely going to be asked to do group work. A USB can come in handy if you need to save larger files that can’t be shared via email or Google docs.

Notepad and pen

Of course, on top of your mobile, USB, laptop and chargers – you might want to consider having a notepad and pen as a backup. Sometimes physically writing down notes, instead of typing on your computer can help you retain information more easily.

Other stationary

You might also like to take some other forms of stationary with you like highlighters, post-it notes, rulers and paper clips. Have a think about what type of stationary has helped you in the past when studying (for instance at high school) and add them to your checklist.


Buying lunch on campus can be quite expensive so you’re better off packing your own food for the day and saving some money. Leftovers from the night before and fruit are always good lunch choices. But definitely avoid food that have a strong odour – such as durians – as some campuses don’t allow for such, uh, distractions.

University card

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to bring your university card with you. You will need this to do a large number of things at university like access certain buildings and areas and use the library computers and printers.

Remember when it comes to packing for university, you don’t want to be lugging around a 20kg bag with you. Think carefully about what you really need and only bring the absolute musts. The great thing is you have a long semester ahead so can change what’s in your bag according to what works for you.

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