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What is Clean Up Australia Day and How You Can Get Involved

It’s best to start with the good news, right? As a nation, Australia continues to improve its recycling efforts year on year. BUT Australians also generate about 67 million tonnes of waste every year — alarmingly that figure continues to rise year on year. Waste has a significant impact on our beautiful beaches and national parks. The same beautiful sights and attractions that no doubt are on your bucket list to see and visit whilst you are studying in Australia.

Clean Up Australia Day is the largest community-based environmental event in Australia — it has been around since 1989. The initiative was started by the late Ian Kiernan whose humble vision was that:

“Simple, easy actions can protect the health of our water resources and help save drinking water supplies. There is not one individual who cannot help to make a difference to the health of the environment”.

His vision continues to inspire hundreds of thousands of people every year to help Clean Up Australia.

Want to know how you can help make a difference to the Australian environment through simple easy actions? Keep reading to find out more about Clean Up Australia Day and how you can get involved.

So what exactly is Clean Up Australia Day all about?

Clean Up Australia Day is an annual event, held on the 1st Sunday of March. On this day communities, individuals, friends and families come together at thousands of locations across the country by donating their time to clean up and preserve Australia’s incredible landscape.

Why is Clean Up Australia Day Important?

Every year, Clean Up Australia Day inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. Without the dedication from the volunteers, the parks, waterways, nature reserves and bushland across Australia would not be in the condition they are today.

2020, is a milestone for Clean Up Australia, as it marks the 30th anniversary of this incredible environmental event. For 30 years, Clean Up Australia Day has seen over 17.7 million Australians volunteer their time to conserve our beautiful country by removing an estimated 365,000 tonnes of rubbish.

How you can get involved on Sunday 1 March

Getting involved is easy with Clean Up Australia Day, with so many locations registered across the country.

To join a clean-up on Sunday, 1 March simply jump on over to the Clean Up Australia Day Website to search for a Clean Up event near you. Or if you’re an Urbanest resident, we’ve found the closest Clean Up for each Urbanest property and listed this below, simply click on the links below to register.

Urbanest North Terrace and Urbanest at the University of Adelaide register here.

Urbanest South Bank Brisbane register here.

Urbanest Carlton register here.

Urbanest Melbourne Central and Urbanest Swanston Street register here.

Urbanest Cleveland Street register here.

Urbanest Darling House and Urbanest Darling Square register here.

Urbanest Darlington register here.

Urbanest Glebe register here.

Urbanest Quay Street and Urbanest Sydney Central register here.

We are all part of the problem and
EVERYONE can also be part of the solution.

Clean Up Australia Day is not only a great environmental initiative but a great way to connect with fellow residents at Urbanest and learn more about your local area by cleaning up the extraordinary place you now call home so rally your friends and flatmates together and help make a difference for the Australian environment on Sunday, March 1.

We love seeing our Urbanest residence out in the community — So, if you do attend a Clean Up Australia event on Sunday the 1st of March, be sure to share your efforts on social and tag #urbanestau

Want to start living a more sustainable lifestyle but not sure where to start? Check out the 8 easy tips we’ve put together on how to minimize your impact whilst living at Urbanest.

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