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5 Tips For Balancing Work And University

Discover how to get so much more time to study…

While you’re at uni it’s very common to have a part time job, however it can be difficult to manage both working and studying! It is important to get the balance right to make sure you have funds and yet you are still getting time to study and able to complete assignments on time leading up to exams.

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Here are our top 5 tips to balance work and study:

Balancing part time work with study

1. Establish a good relationship with your manager

Whether you’re working in retail, hospitality or within the field you’re studying, you’ll need the support of your manager. A good way of establishing a good relationship is letting your employer know early if you have of any periods of time that you may need to take off for assessments or studying.

Having a strong support system at work as well as a dedicated study space can make a world of difference!

Writing in notepad sitting at desk with smartphone and laptop computer

2. Create a study plan

At the beginning of each semester review your uni course and create a study plan. Then, once you receive your work schedule, you will know when you will need to block out some time that is solely dedicated to your studies. It may be for a specific purpose like the completion of an assignment or just to ensure you’re on top of your course readings.

Try your best to to study to your schedule so that you start off with good habits!

Green calendar create a study plan

3. Make sure you have “me” time

With all the working and studying you’re doing, you may forget to set aside some time to simply take a break. After all, you will need some “me” time to switch off, so that you are energised when you return to your studies. Activities like going for a walk, catching a movie or reading a book (not course related) are great ways to relax.

Make sure you keep some time separate each week that is free from any responsibilities to avoid burn out and fatigue.

4. Don’t take on too much

If you’re finding it difficult to manage your university workload and part time hours, no matter how many cups of coffee you have! Then it’s a sign that something has to give. If you have have established a good relationship with your manager, then it may be time to have a chat about cutting back your regular hours, even if it is just for a temporary period of time – for example during high stress times like study periods leading up to exams!

5. Avoid procrastination

Urbanest student accommodation tips to balance work and study

Even if you’ve set aside time for studying, it doesn’t mean you’ll use that time solely for getting your university work done.

Thankfully there are some things that can be done to avoid procrastination. For instance, consider turning your phone on silent during your study sessions, that way you won’t be distracted by social media and can concentrate fully on the task at home.

Best tip: When it comes to managing your work and university studies, a little forward planning ahead of time will make the world of difference.

Try to stick to the plan! Remember to only take on what you can reasonably manage and be kind to yourself making sure you take on some down time to recharge!

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