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So much to love in February…

From the Lantern Festival to Valentine’s Day, February is the month of love!

The Lunar New Year holiday continues with the Yuan Xiao (元宵节—yuán xiāo jié), or Lantern Festival.

Over time this festival has developed many meanings, such as celebrating family reunions and society, whilst featuring ancient spiritual traditions, though some also call this the “true” Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Lunar festival lanterns Urbanest Australia

Activities include moon gazing, lighting lanterns, riddles, lion dances and eating rice balls. According to the lunar calendar, the festival takes place on January 15. Dates of past and future Lantern Festivals are below, so you can see how closely this aligns to traditional Valentine’s Day of 14th February.

Past dates of lantern festivals:

  • 2016: February 22nd
  • 2017: February 11th
  • 2018: February 16th
  • 2019: February 19th
  • 2020: February 8th

Check out these Lunar New Year events in your city here:

Hand holding heart against a beautiful city sunset.

The origins of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day is a little bit of a mystery. We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance and a popular belief is that St Valentine’s was a priest in Rome in the third century AD. At this time the Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers. 

Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be sentenced to death. There, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and when he was taken to be killed on 14 February he sent her a love letter signed

“from your Valentine”

This greeting is still used today!

Sweets at Urbanest Student Accommodation Australia

So what do you love…?

Last year, we surveyed all our residents across our 14 properties asking: “What do we do really well?” 

  • 74% residents said that we EXCELLED at Customer Service
  • 88% of under 18 customers rated their stay as good to EXCEPTIONAL!
  • 64% residents believe they get VALUE FOR MONEY living at Urbanest

Top 3 reasons why customers chose Urbanest:

  • 78% Location
  • 59% Convenience i.e. all inclusive-rent
  • Over half for the facilities offered (58%)

We use this feedback to improve on our offering every year!

Valentines Day on a student budget tips from Urbanest Student Accommodation Australia

Our top 10 ways to do Valentine’s Day on a student budget:

  1. Self care – book a massage, yoga class or activity that makes you feel good!
  2. Plan a picnic – enjoy the outdoors, set up in a nearby green space or trek to the beach or don’t miss a Feb flick at Moonlight cinema
  3. Host a game night with friends – singles or loved up? No matter all welcome!
  4. Plan a special home-cooked meal – show off your chef skills, impress your mates in the communal kitchen, you could try to bake some heart shaped pizzas or cookies!
  5. Hold a romcom movie marathon – grab some popcorn, book the cinema room for an evening filled with your favourite romantic comedies.
  6. Exchange notes with roomies – After all, it is the thought that counts, a little heartfelt message or positive affirmation for your friend may just make their day! Even just on a post-it will do the trick!
  7. Inexpensive gifts for the heartstrings – You could print the best insta snaps of your loved ones and paste in a card or journal or mobile hanger to brighten up their room.
  8. Create a treasure hunt – Get crafty, make notes for a treasure hunt around your shared apartment to find chocolates or roses! Again post-its are handy and a good way to stick to walls for clue’s along the way.
  9. Plan a day trip or take a weekend getaway – Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, so take advantage and get out of town!
  10. Hit the town – go for a good night out, head to a local comedy gig or enjoy a live band.
Valentines Day on a budget outdoor cinema Urbanest Australia

So much to enjoy in February…

Remember your time at university should be a pleasure, study, fun and heartwarming memories of friendships that you will treasure!

Happy Valentines Day

from Urbanest 💚😍

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