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Friends come in many forms!

about the offer

Urbanest in celebrating your friendship by giving you and your friend $500 each*!

You need a friend for every occasion. A friend to laugh and cry with, a friend for the good and bad times, a friend to chat at 2am with, a friend that will always meet you on the dancefloor, a friend to exercise with and a friend that will fill you in on everything…

How about an Urbanest friend that gets you $500*? 

If you currently live with Urbanest and invite a friend to book with us, you both will get $500*. If you invite four friends, you get an additional bonus of $1000*. 

Treat yourself to a weekend away. Upgrade your summer wardrobe. Or give your room a makeover. It’s yours to spend as you please. 

So, go on, start your new Urbanest friendship now! 


*Terms & conditions
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