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Student Tips , Australia Guide , Life at Urbanest , Domestic Student Hub

How to Choose a University For Studying

So you’ve gotten a fantastic ATAR score and have decided to postpone your fun-filled gap year until after you’ve started studying at university. But now you’ve got a big decision to make: Which university do you want to study at? It’s a big decision and not one you should take lightly. But don’t worry, we’ve […]

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Life at Urbanest , Staying Healthy , uLife

Student Stories: My Life In Australia During The Pandemic

Every international student has a story to tell about their experience studying aboard. To shine a light on our domestic and international residents, we’re taking part in Study Australia’s #MyAustralia campaign so that they can share their story, how their experience has been during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what it’s been like studying in Australia during such […]

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , Domestic Student Hub

Planning A Life After Graduation

If you’ve finished your university degree or will be graduating soon, congratulations are in order! After years of studying and assessments you are now a fully-fledged post graduate. Now that you’re armed with all the learnings from your course, you may be wondering what your next step should be. Thankfully, there are a few paths […]

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , Domestic Student Hub

How To Write A Good Essay

Essays and uni go hand in hand like curry with rice or pineapple on pizza (don’t @ us). Since you’re more than likely going to write more than your share of essays during your time at uni, we thought we’ll try and make life easier for you by sharing some tips on how to write […]

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , Domestic Student Hub

The Best Budget Friendly Instant Ramen Recipes

Ramen has come quite a long way from its origins as a Japanese noodle soup that consists of wheat noodles served in a meat-based broth, flavoured with soy sauce or miso, and topped with delicious toppings like sliced pork belly, nori (dried seaweed), and scallions. Nowadays you can buy instant ramen noodle packets from any […]

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , Staying Healthy , Domestic Student Hub

How to Keep Your Apartment Clean

Look, cleaning your apartment isn’t the most exciting thing to do in the world, especially if you’re a uni student with plenty of other things to spend your valuable time on. But we’re willing to bet you’d much rather live in a clean and organised apartment rather than a dirty and cluttered space. Luckily for […]

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , Domestic Student Hub

Life at Urbanest During COVID-19

2020 has been quite the year with our Urbanest residents having to deal with many ups and downs, from city lockdowns and moving to online classes to not seeing their family and friends. It’s also allowed them to reflect on life and find joy in the small things such as taking up a new hobby, […]

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , uRewards , uLife , Domestic Student Hub

The Exercise Effect with Thursday Fitness

So much support for your wellbeing with uLife…wanting to improve your fitness and health? Find out about Thursday Fitness with uLife and a variety of free online services available to help provide you with the support and motivation to reach your goals.

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest

Our top 12 Netflix shows to watch over Easter

There is no better time than Easter to catch up on the films you wanted to watch but haven’t had the time to. So, here are our top 12 Netflix recommendations for you to watch over Easter. From sporting documentaries, to T-swift concerts, you will be surprised where this list takes you.

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Student Tips , News , Life at Urbanest , Staying Healthy

So much going on behind the scenes…

As COVID-19 continues to turn the world upside down, Urbanest is prioritising the health, safety and well-being of our friendly team across the country and you, our residents in every decision we make. With so much going on behind the scenes, read more to keep informed. We are here to support you.

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , Sustainability , uRewards , Domestic Student Hub

Hygiene Habits to help keep you healthy

Keeping healthy is a part of everyday life. As the current pandemic unfolds across the world, keeping healthy has never been more important. If you want to minimise your risk and also enhance your overall health, it is important to practice good hygiene by following these guidelines.

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , Sustainability , uRewards

Earth Hour 2020

Millions of people from across the world take part in Earth Hour by switching off their lights to show support for climate change. Earth Hour 2020 will take place on Saturday 28 March 2020 at 8.30 pm. So why don’t you #swtichoff and take part?

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest , Sustainability , uRewards

What is Clean Up Australia Day and How You Can Get Involved

Want to know about Australia’s largest community-based environmental event? Every year on Clean Up Australia Day communities, individuals, friends and families come together across the country by donating their time to clean up and preserve Australia’s incredible landscape. Not sure how to get involved – find out here

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest

What’s the secret to getting along with your flatmates?

When studying at university, sharing an apartment with a flatmate can be an amazing experience, but there may come a time when you run into conflict.

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Student Tips , Life at Urbanest

Top 4 fun ideas for your student holiday this Easter 🐣🐇🍫

Our top 4 fun ideas for your student holiday this Easter The Easter Long Weekend in Australia 🐣🐥🐇🍫🍫🍫 The Easter Long Weekend has become a staple in the Australian public holiday calendar. Even though many families may not celebrate Easter, Australians will take advantage of these extra public holidays as a time to come together with […]

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