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8 Tips To Live More Sustainably At Urbanest

So many more ways to a sustainable future…

Want to start living a more sustainable lifestyle but not sure where to start? We’ve put together 8 easy tips on how to minimize your impact whilst living at Urbanest.

Urbanest Student Accommodation go green

1. Say NO to plastic!

The golden rule to a more sustainable lifestyle… just say NO! 

Say no to that plastic straw you don’t actually need in your juice, the flimsy plastic cutlery you’ll get frustrated using, the receipt you’ll put in the bin as soon as you walk out the door and even the free pen in the seminar you are about to attend!

It’s simple, but effective and will help to make the biggest difference.

Urbanest Student Accommodation sustainability tips with uRewards partner Senda Essetntials

2. Buy fresh fruit and veg at your closest Farmers’ Markets

At The Eatery, Urbanest Darling House we support local businesses; from seasonal food sourced fresh daily from the local markets to using premium Australia produce.

You can too! Did you know Farmers Markets are a great way to spend a sunny weekend morning. Not only will you find the freshest and more diverse options of fruit and veg, but lots of yummy brunch choices and freshly brewed coffee too! 

Make sure to bring your own Tote and produce Mesh Bags to avoid single-use plastic, to categorise and carry your veg! 

Local markets are really such a simple way to support small businesses, have access to organic products, reduce your carbon footprint, all whilst enjoying your Sunday morning.

Supersaver: Rock up 1 hour before closing time and get the best deals and bundles!

Urbanest student accommodation sustainability tip from Senda Essentials pack your lunch for uni

3. Pack your lunch

Invest in a nice Lunchbox and light Cutlery Set to always have with you! Bringing your lunch and snacks to uni, the library or the park will save you heaps of money in the (not so) long run. You will also have much more control of what you put into your body. 

Supersaver: Next time you finish a jar of jam or peanut butter or Vegemite … keep the jar!! A sustainable way to store and bring sultanas, nuts and any other delicious, study snack with you to campus!

Urbanest student accommodation sustainability tip from Senda Essentials always have a water bottle handy at uni

4. Always carry a water bottle

Do you still spend money on bottled water? Aussie tap water is safe to drink! 

Only 20% of single-use water bottles are recycled in Australia and plastic bottles are one of the top ten items found on beach clean-ups around the world?

Supersaver: Why not get yourself a nice, durable reusable Water bottle and use the many refilling stations available on your campus and all over town! Start saving your money whilst doing your bit to save our oceans 🙂

Urbanest student accommodation shop local for sustainable future

5. Buy bulk

Avoid plastic packaging all together by buying your food in bulk food stores, plus you can buy just the quantity you need of each ingredient you want.

No bulk food store within walking distance of Urbanest? No problem, here’s some tips to reduce your waste whilst buying at a regular supermarket:

  • Don’t buy wrapped up fruit! They have their own natural packaging.
  • Choose paper or glass packaging over plastic.
  • Always bring your Tote and produce Mesh Bags with you.

Supersaver: Buy your staple foods in the biggest format available! It may seem more expensive today but it will help you save money tomorrow and a lot of plastic too.

Urbanest go green with a soap bar

6. Swap to a bar of soap

Although liquid soap and shower gel may seem more convenient, once you try an old fashion bar of soap there is no going back!

They last longer, have an average of 25% less carbon footprint, equally hygienic and are (of course) plastic-free. Plus, there are usually plenty of lush handmade soaps at the Farmer’s Markets! Try to buy palm oil-free when possible too!

Recycle for a greener Australia

7. Recycle

Urbanest gives you access to both general waste bins and recycling bins. Separate your waste accordingly and help give it a second life!

Check out your local council website to understand what exactly should go in each bin.

Did you know soft plastics cannot be recycled in your Urbanest recycling bin? Don’t worry! All Coles and Woolworths have soft plastic collection points!

Supersaver: Don’t forget checking out the closest can & bottle recycling centre and get 10 cents back for each of them! If this practice hasn’t been implemented by your local council yet don’t stress! There are private entities such as Envirobank that do it too 🙂

Compost options near you

8. Compost 

Did you know that in Australia about half of what we put in our general waste bin could be composted? These compostable organic materials can become great fertilisers for plants but when in landfill they release methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more powerful than CO2!!

At The Eatery, Urbanest Darling House our organic waste management program means that we divert so many kilos to landfill food waste every week.

Even though Urbanest student accommodation are apartment buildings, there are several apps and online platforms such as Sharewaste that can help you connect with people nearby that would love to compost your food scraps. Perhaps there is a community garden near you!   

Check out our 8 tips to live more sustainably at Urbanest here:

  1. Say NO to plastic!
  2. Buy fresh fruit and veg at your closest Farmers’ Market
  3. Pack your lunch
  4. Always carry a water bottle
  5. Buy bulk
  6. Swap to a bar of soap
  7. Recyle
  8. Compost

Now that you know how to get started remember, this is not a sprint, sustainability is a marathon! It’s perfectly okay to take your time implementing these tips into your daily habits, some may be easier than others. It is all about being aware and trying the best we can to reduce our impact. 

Don’t miss the promo offer to get you started…good luck on your sustainable journey!

This blog post brought to you by Urbanest uRewards partner – Senda Essentials – Exclusive offer for Urbanest residents – 20% OFF storewide by using discount code – check the Urbanest email or ask at Reception for the promo code!

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