Sydney Studio Special

All Sydney studio rooms (excluding twin share studios) feature 100GB of internet per month, rather than the 20GB in all other room types.

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Raising the bytes (again!)

Once again we are raising the bar and increasing data allowance across all standard rooms in all properties from 15GB per month to 20GB per month.

As part of urbanest’s ongoing commitment to delivering great value student accommodation, any customers that have an existing contract for 15GB per month, now get 20GB, and new customers get the same deal.

‘urbanest wants our customers to have the best experience whilst living with us and we are committed to ensuring we provide the best tools to support them through their academic journey. We realise the importance of Wi-Fi for our customers both socially and academically, as more engagement and learning takes place online than ever before. With this recognition, we have committed to increasing the data included in their rent to 20GB starting July 1, 2016.’ said Nicola Fawl the Regional Operations Manager at urbanest.

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