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All Sydney studio rooms (excluding twin share studios) feature 100GB of internet per month, rather than the 20GB in all other room types.

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New Student Checklist

Student Checklist

Congratulations, you have been accepted onto your university place and you’re about to dive into your next big adventure.

Before you jump on in your car, bus or plane, there are several things worth considering, so your trip is smooth and painless.

Before You Leave Home

Semester Dates

Contact your university to confirm key semester dates, as start and end dates can differ depending on your courses. You don’t want to travel halfway across the world to find you have missed the first few weeks of semester!

ID and Paperwork

Ensure your passport is valid for six months before travelling to Australia. Print a copy of the electronic university enrollment confirmation and student information pack sent by the university.

Choosing Accommodation

Self catering student housing is the perfect place to make new friends and awesome memories. You’ll be spending a large amount of your time there, so the accommodation should offer great rooms to relax in, quiet study areas so you can concentrate on your studies and entertainment and social areas to meet new friends.

Packing List

Things to remember!

Pack for minor emergencies, you never know when a band-aid will be needed! Remember to organise a first aid kit for any lumps and bumps and a sewing kit for mending your favourite jumper while you’re away.

Kitchen Utensils

Think of everything you need to prepare and eat food with – that’s what you’ll need! Plates, cups, forks and knifes…. even a bottle opener could come in handy.


It’s surprising how many toiletries are needed that you might not think of. A few essentials include toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream and toothpaste.

Embarrassing Cuddly Bears

Don’t forget your fluffy childhood soft toy, you may need a cuddle every now and then!

Additional Pointers for International Students

Plane Tickets & Return Flights

Don’t miss your flight! Keep a record of the flight date and time with your passport and visa. Contact the airline for any departure or arrival changes.

Visa Dates

Make sure all the appropriate visa paperwork and Overseas Student Health Cover is organised before travelling to Australia and your visa covers the entire period of your stay.

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