URBANEST melbourne

Melbourne Student Accommodation

urbanest is one of Australia’s largest providers of student accommodation. We have a great deal of experience designing, building and running purpose-built accommodation to meet the specific needs of students.

With urbanest’s excellent range of student accommodation in Melbourne, you are sure to find a place to live in great proximity to some of Melbourne’s leading educational institutes including; The University of Melbourne, Trinity College, Monash and RMIT University.

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne has an enviable and well-deserved reputation as the sporting and arts capital of Australia. With some of the best stadiums, concert venues, museums and art galleries to be found anywhere in the world, and a host of entertainment options (many of which are free) to choose from every week, Melbourne is a terrific city to live and study in.


To find out more about our great locations, with all-inclusive rents and great facilities, take some time to explore the buildings on this page or click here to get in touch.