Sydney Studio Special

All Sydney studio rooms (excluding twin share studios) feature 100GB of internet per month, rather than the 20GB in all other room types.

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14 September 2017 4 min read

International Student Health Care – FAQs

While there’s nothing more exciting than heading to a new country like Australia to study, there are a few things you’ll need to organise. One of those things is your health insurance. Let’s run through a few of the common questions surrounding healthcare for international students in Australia: 

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01 August 2017 4 min read

6 Signs You Are In The Right Job

Whether you work in retail or at a cafe, having a part time job comes part and parcel with University life. If you nod your head in agreement to the majority of these signs, it’s a good indicator your current job is right for you.

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03 July 2017 4 min read

Getting connected in Australia

Having your phone up and running as soon as possible when you land in a Australia can make your life a lot easier. It is easiest to organise your phone setup once you are here in Australia.

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30 May 2016 5 min read

How To Write A Resume

Having a great resume doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll get the job you’re after, but having a poor one guarantees that you won’t. Check out our tips.

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