Sydney Studio Special

All Sydney studio rooms (excluding twin share studios) feature 100GB of internet per month, rather than the 20GB in all other room types.

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15 December 2016 4 min read

Holiday traditions around the world

December is the time when we take a little break from our studies and spend some quality time with family and friends. How we celebrate the holidays varies considerably depending on where in the world we come from, so we’ve put together a few of the interesting traditions that are found across the world.

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05 October 2016 12 min read

Spring Into Action!

Exercise is proven to have a positive effect on your mental well-being and a good level of fitness gives you more energy and alertness, allowing you to focus and concentrate as well as contributing to your overall physical health.

We’ve come up with some suggestions to help you easily incorporate exercise into your life and all you need is around 20 minutes per day to start feeling great.

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30 September 2016 3 min read

Urbanest Champions Win The 2016 Student Accommodation Cup

Each year, residents from urbanest North Terrace form a team to compete in the annual soccer event, The Student Accommodation Cup. The boys trained hard this year during their spare time in the lead up to the competition, where they would face off against teams from universities and various student housing providers.

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31 August 2016 3 min read

Managing your budget

For many students, starting university is the first time you may have moved away from home. Living independently requires you to be aware of what you are spending each week, as you may not have that much spare cash during your time at University.

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12 August 2016 10 min read

A look back in time at urbanest Cleveland Street

With so much history behind the site of urbanest Cleveland Street, we thought it only fair to share the story with you. Spanning centuries, the history starts with the first people in Sydney to the development of urbanest Cleveland Street and where it is today. Head to urbanest Cleveland Street to see the timeline for yourself or … Continued

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30 June 2016 3 min read

Raising the bytes (again!)

Once again we are raising the bar and increasing data allowance across all standard rooms in all properties from 15GB per month to 20GB per month.

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30 May 2016 5 min read

How To Write A Resume

Having a great resume doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll get the job you’re after, but having a poor one guarantees that you won’t. Check out our tips.

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